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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  October 31, 2014 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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world is right here yet again. a lot of kids skipping school and a lot of parents skipping work with their kids and everyone else just watching on television. just in case you missed it, giants fans celebrating the world series u up close and personal with the players, the pictures say it all. it was fun out there, the occasional downpour didn't dampen the spirits. it actually made everything a little more fun. >> i didn't mind getting wet. >> a torturous way. the big question, will the free agent stay with the giants? >> i love them, i play for them. >> it will cost the giants big money to resign panda, there were plenty of chants from the fans and the players lobbying for panda to stay with the skbri giants, as for the actual mvp, here's mad bug. >> number 40, madison baumgardner. >> so cool to see him, all the other players were on busses and
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so forth. madison was in a flatbed pick-up truck. the 25-year-old, just mellow, like he usually is, soaking it all in, fans and teammates all cheered together in a deafening war for madison obama guard bau >> mart matthew shows how everybody weathered the rain. but the champs shined today. >> reporter: it was absolutely amazing, effort out there with the fans, the boys of summer, the summer to remember. i went out there i got a chance to jump up on the busses and to hear these guys, you would never
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know they were the kings of this barrel world. the confetti rose up in the air as the giants cruised past on busses, we got a look at the back of hunter pence, and the fans that did see his face confirmed us with his trademark yes, yes, yes. serge this lime he toned it down, his t-shirt said i have issues. jeremy held up three fingers, three of his fingers are covered with world series ring. form >> messy beaches, it never gets old. i love it. >> ryan vogelsong compared this parade to the one that he rode in two years ago. >> a parade is a parade, is a parade, but this one is great, i
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thought the last one was awesome, but this one seems even better. >> and pablo sandoval used by, i climbed up to tell him that so many fans were chanting stay, stay, stay. >> i love my fans, i love my teammates, and my peers. i want to be here, man, every two years. >> hey, i don't know if we have an inclusive here, but between bob rid dell's interview and him telling me he wants to be here every two years, you know what he's saying, and the giants want to keep him, it sounds like a match made in heaven, what a day in san francisco. nbc bay area news. >> if you have $100 million, we can do the deal right now. terry having some fun out there, i loved sergio romero's shirt. i mised that. in baseball parades, there are no rainouts t weather didn't stop the thousands of fans from
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lining market street for today's big celebration. >> mark matthews joining us with a look at the creative ways the crowds kept dry, mark? >> reporter: there were some but first i want to show you the striking stage. this is really remarkable. a half a million people were here just a couple of hours ago and look at how quickly it's all coming down, the chairs are stacked over there, they're ready to cart them away, as for people staying out of the rain, well, when you have a half a million people, you're going to find some creative ways of staying dry. michael reyes dressed as a member of the griffindorf house at the hog warts. >> the person in the gum by suit indicated it was working for him. but most people resorted to the more traditional method of bringing an umbrella. rosy otera brought one big
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enough for a big gathering. >> nice and sunny, beautiful day in san francisco like always. >> reporter: when it really started to come down, colleen started to worry about her confetti cannon. maybe the most effective rain gear was the horgs -- moose and horse, you got it, they're michael moore fans, rain or shine. back with a live picture of the tear down and follow me over here, i want to show you something, this is the other side of civic center plaza and take a look at that, it has all but cleared out, all the trash is gone, they have cleaned up this case in a hurry, reporting for nbc bay area news, mark matthews from civic center plaza.
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>> we have experience and practice doing this, this will be our third time, a half a million people in and out of there pretty darn quickly. over coverage continues in about ten minutes from now. he's show us the moments you didn't catch during the live broadcast, and if you can't wait for ten minutes, visit us on our website right now, nbc bay, everything giants, including a slide show of today's parade. >> the bay area got drenched today and it's not over yet. on your left, radar that's still active this halloween night and on your right what it looked like as it poured in the south bay earlier today. >> the highest totals today coming in the south bay, check it out a quarter to a half inch here, downtown, 50 to 100, santa clara, 4200.
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milpedes -- we're not done with this wet weather just yet, in fact there's a severe component we'll be tracking, winds 15 to 30 miles an hour, if any thunderstorms do develop and hail may also be contained in with that. tonight, a few area of scattered showers continuing throughout 6:00, if you're heading trick-or-treating, you want to remember that jacket, maybe the umbrella. by 8:00, the possibility of isolated showers and we'll likely see some pockets of rain through 10:00 p.m. looks like it will fire off with some stronger thunderstorms. of course we are tracking that, and before we leave, we want to give you a quick look at that halloween forecast, a little bit spooky out there with those clouds and isolated showers. it's going to be a cold one with temperatures in the 50s. we have got more in about 10 minutes. >> let's bring in nbc bay area's robert honda, the rain is raising both hopes and concerns, robert? >> reporter: it has been a while
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since we have seen some of the problem this is storm has generated, but in some cases, painful lessons learned from previous storms have made conditions safer. laurel canyon curve -- and slick conditions led to numerous traffic accidents along highway 17 all day, but laurel canyon curve appears much safer after a dividing wall was put up following a fatal car crash during a rare storm in 2012. a popular south bay athlete, charles waner, died in the crash. >> you're glad they built that wall? >> absolutely, it's really important. there's a lot of open sections on 17 and especially that corner. >> many people agreed but cheered for the rain regardless. >> the drawbacks no, we need rain now. our -- we are so into a drought that the rain is a blessing. it really s.
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>> a blessing, but the santa clara value water district says not salvation, officials say local reservoirs that don't get imported water are virtually dry. >> it's going to take a lot of water and a lot of time and storms before we can reach down into the ground water basin which we have been drawing off of so hard this year. >> for the waner family, storms will always deliver mixed feelings. >> it's good that we have the rain, but i'm cautious for everybody else on the road. >> reporter: well there will be those mixed feelings for some time, at this time the rain is letting up. for some people that's good news, for a lot of others, they wish the rain would just keep on going. >> thanks robert. you can track this storm around the clock on our website, nbc bay, just click on the weather tab at the top of the screen and scroll down to the map and radar section. a new twist in the chp scandal, involving crazy photographs t officer accused of
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stealing photos from the phones of people he arrest eed has turd in his badge. even that officer's attorney says his behavior is inexcusable? >> reporter: that's right, the officer's attorney says the alleged behavior is wholly inappropriate, and he said that shaun harrington feels rotten about it. he says he realizing that he has tarnished the badge and he is sorry. tonight, he's been slapped with this criminal complaint. >> it is impulsive, immature, and inappropriate in every sense of the word. >> reporter: as defense attorney michael rain says california highway patrol officer shaun harrington is willing to pay the price for his actions. he says the dublin base -- shared them with two other officers.
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search warrant documents detail text messages sent between them. here body is rocking, states one, another reads taken from the phone of my incustody while she's in x-rays. enjoy, buddy. >> women who have been victimized by this deserve to be angry and upset because it's not a game. it's a serious matter. >> now harrington faces criminal charges t contra costa county district attorney's office filed charges today. two felony counts of computer data theft. >> obviously something harmful was done, this is an extreme invasion of privacy to these young women. he says harrington resigned from the chp on wednesday. >> because of any number of reasons really truly thought that this was kind of cute and funny and was to be shared privately among a couple of close colleagues and that it
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would never get outside of that group. >> reporter: now the other two officers at harrington's claim taking part of an alleged scheme and taking part -- the da made that determination -- targetton will be arraigned on monday, we're told he will turn himself in monday morning. >> blowing out walls and taking the roof off, what we have learned about what touched off this blast. also a burst into flames and fell from the sky. the commercial spaceship that exploded in southern california. we have details on the pilots on board. plus some call it the first real rain of the season, how it kept the chp busy today. and stay with us, the giants celebration continues throughout this newscast. >> world champions. >> yes, yes, yes!
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>> can we do it again? >> yes, yes, yes! >> that's what i'm talking about san francisco. we're going to come back to that. i just want to have a little more fun.
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an explosion happened today just belongs from the b.a.r.t station. >> reporter: investigators are telling us tonight that what was involved here is a refined butane or a pressurized butane gas used in a hash oil or honey oil type lab. tonight, they say the explosion was so intense, it rocked this neighborhood. some of the canisters involved, they say, were shot right down
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the street. this is here on sunnyvale avenue. firefighters say the debris field was about 100 feet wide, with windows blown out. neighbors tell us they thought a plane had hit the six unit apartment building, two people in the unit suffered critical injuries and burns, they were taken to a local hospital and uc davis medical center for treatment. fire investigators say there is an oil extraction process, the butane is used as a solvent to take the thc, the active ingredient out of marijuana. >> as they're using this butane, raw butane vapors are spewing out into the room they're in. the vapors will sink to the ground, they'll travel and look for an ignition source. he said there were many of these type of canisters in the debris
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field on scene. one neighbor actually shot cell phone video after tex ploegs. another said she saw her neighbor come out with serious burns. >> he was coming down the stairs and yelling water, water, his head was on fire, and it scared me so i just grabbed a jug of water and i came outside and poured it on him and kind of got out because i thought things were going to keep exploding. >> it just exploded out of no, our whole building shook, i had no idea and i came out and the whole thing was on fire. >> reporter: police ainspectors the afternoon here trying to figure out which neighbors could go back into their unit, the red cross is out here helping out burks they told me just a couple of minutes ago that only five people had said that they needed shelter over the weekend. reporting live in walnut creek, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> what a horrible story for that community there in walnut creek. it's been a busy morning
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everywhere, it might also be a busy night in the north bay, especially. rain making a mess on the roadways. a simple warning from the chp across the bay area, simply slow down. a pick-up truck slid off the highway 12 offramp in santa rosa this morning. you see it there, another pick-up truck flipped into a ditch near southbound 101 in sonoma. many incidents include drivers who are speeding on the slick roads. you know what happens, when you hit the brakes on slick roads it's easy to spin out. we're going to go back to our coverage of the giants parade. this is is picture of all the fan who is packed the civics center plaza. damian had a unique perspective. >> it was wild and crazy and loud earlier today. right now the barricades are
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gone and the streets are clear here along the parade route. many fans around the bay area know that pain of losing, but there are a few who have never had that sour taste. >> it's been like avalanche for michelle jones, three triumphs in five years, but the lifelong giants fan remembers when things weren't so glorious, like the e lemaster years, for them the giants have always been winners. >> always. of course, always. >> hey, these kids, they really got it great. but us old-timers, man, we stuck it out for a long time. >> reporter: they know not about lemaster or herndon, to these kids, it's about the presence and the winning feeling. >> baumgartner and posy. >> posy and panda.
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>> let's go giants. >> i spoke with barry bonds along the parade route, he said, well, why not do this again next year and the year after that? so it seems like the giants might be on their way of course to more victories. it's halloween in san francisco. we're life in the city. nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian, and damian, we all grew up here in the bay area, we do remember the johnny lemaster years, so that's why it's so special for all of us old-timers here as well. >> we have had that sour taste. >> it was such a big day, and of course it's halloween and we need that critical crucial forecast. >> we do have areas of rainfall still continuing in the forecast for tonight, you can see the storm system we had this morning, it did bring some heavier rainfall to people heading out to the parade
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earlier on, the core of it now moving off to the south. we have this upper level of low pressure off shore and that's where we're going to get the possibility of some thunderstorms tonight. dipt decent totals from our underground network of rain gauges, .57, during the next 24 hours, we're going to be adding to that. if you're still getting the kids ready for that crucial trick-or-treat time in the next couple of hours, make sure you have a jacket. temperatures will be in the upper 50s to the low 60s with the potential for some showers. it is also cold, numbers right now in the 50s to low 60s, and you can see cloudy across the entire sky camera network. as we kick in to tomorrow's forecast, as you have been mentioning, we're still not done yet.
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>> those showers, chances on saturday morning, we'll begin with some sunshine, sunnier, dryer conditions across the south bay. everyone staying on the colder side, feeling more actually like winter than fall at this moment. and you can see from the north bay, east shore and tri-valley, we'll have that chance of thunderstorms on saturday and then drying weather for sunday and also monday. we have got another update coming up in just a bit and we'll take you beyond the next three days. >> still ahead here at 6:00, how much for gas did you say? the milestone being celebrated by driver.
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we have some developing news we're covering at this hour,
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that tragic crash of that spacecraft, this is the second crash this week, today it was the virgin gat lactic spaceship. one pilot has been killed, another pilot injured. our business and tech reporter scott budman has covered this virgin galactic spaceship. this is richard branson's vision of the future. >> virgin galactic, read by the founder richard branson has been on the forefront of commercial space travel, we spoke to branson about it a couple of years ago right here in the bay area. but today a sudden set back and an ongoing investigation into just what happened. the virgin galactic spaceship made this dramatic flight over the bay area back in 2011, announcing it's plans to take tourists into space. but an equally dramatic set back after today's test flight ended in a deadly crash in the mojave
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desert. >> space is hard and today was a tough day. >> new mexico based virgin galactic, partnering with a company called scale composite, for a flight of its spaceship 2. >> we're flying in a rocket motor today, it had been thoroughly tested on the ground, it had been through a qualification series. >> now the national transportation safety board along with the faa will investigate what went wrong, while the companies involved say they'll cooperate, mourn, and then get back to work. >> future rest in many ways on hard days like this. but we believe we owe it to the folks who were flying these vehicles as well as the folks who have been working so hard on them.
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to understand this, and to move forward. >> richard branson is also on his way to the site of the crash. you may remember an orbital sciences rocket exploded shortly after takeoff, it was carrying supply force the international space station, we expect to hea more from the ntsb and the faa about the crash this weekend. back to you. >> still ahead at 6:00, it rained on the parade, but will trick-or-treaters stay dry. we continue to track a storm that's delivering some much-needed rain to the bay area this halloween. >> and giants fans want to know what the future holds for the kung fu panda, hear what the team's general manager has to say, along with the colorful hunter pence.
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the manager of the world champions junes, bruce bofi. three-times in five years and be sure to join baseball greats in the hall of fame. that was just win of the many incredible moments at today's parade. >> nbc bay area's michelle
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roberts, michelle, it was four hours long by the way. >> in case you didn't already know, today is now officially giants day, san francisco mayor ed lee made the declaration and gave the keys to the city to the team. >> let's go enjoy it. these come too few and far between. >> feels fresh, just incredibly vibrant here. it's 55 degrees and tropical. >> larry bare riled up the crowd but some of the louder cheers came when jeremy affeldt rolled in. >> they're overwhelming, when you drive down market street like this for the first time, it still doesn't get old. >> and pumped three fingers.
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>> it's awesome it's unbelievable. i thought i knew what to expect, but this is just unbelievable, it just blows me away. >> they wrapped up the party at civic center plaza where fans held up newspapers and cheered at any reference to a dynasty. giants ceo said to keep available the city for next halloween. >> what now with pablo sandoval, he's a free agent as most of you know, and his market value may be 100 million bucks. today hunter pence made sure everyone knew where he stood on this topic. >> we need about more pablo.
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ryan sabian getting into the act. >> before we hear the sign pablo chant, i think i'm a little light, larry, not enough, right, pablo? i brought that on myself. >> referring to larry baird, the team's president and ceo, a little light in the wallet. it's going to cost the giants but they might have it now or want to do it after his performance in the postseason. what's panda saying? he's saying he doesn't want to return to the giants, he wants
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to retire as a giant. remember, this is the organization that he came up with as well. he told the chronicle, i'm going to where my heart tells me. he has a five day window to negotiate with the tame. red sox and dodgers among those other teams seem to be wooing the "kung fu panda." the future of the giants in tems of their operations. visit us at nbc bay for everything giants. >> a microclimate weather alert. this is what it looked like in san francisco today. now more rain is on the way and there's a chance for thunderstorms. jeff, there's still a lot of green on the radar back there. >> yeah, and it really slammed the south bay this afternoon from about 1:00 to 3:00, visibility down to a half mile and less, so a little bit of a
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break right now, but again, we're tracking a second round of rainfall, but offshore, this upper level area of low pressure, once that gets here, we do expect that possibility of rain to increase, but it's got a lot of cold, unstable air with us, we're also look at the chance of isolated thunderstorms from the north bay down to the south bay. winds could gust as high as 35 miles an hour. the trend, it will stay cold right through saturday, with temperatures in the 60s. coming up in about 20 minutes, we'll have an idea about how long this all lasts. a deadly hit and run has san francisco police asking for help tonight. the victim was crossing the road when he was stuck by a driver. the pedestrian was then hit again by a second vehicle.
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the second driver did stop and cooperated with police. this happened overnight. a couple of hours later, another pedestrian was struck and killed in the allan rock area, police say the woman was walking on mckee road when she was fatally hit by a car, the driver stopped and contacted police. still no arrest tonight in san jose's 30th homicide of the a gunfight. police blocked off the area around santa clara and second streets around midnight when they searched for the gunman. the victim still is identified. investigators say he got into a verbal and then violent fight with another man. each was armed and opened fire on this other. >> gas prices have hit a new milestone, for the first time in three years, a gallon of gas costs less than a gallon of milk. prices dropped 33 cents just this month. the national afternoon today dropped to $3 a gallon. san jose's average 3.31.
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and in san francisco, the average price there, 3.49. still ahead here at 6:00, help is on the way to the big island of hawaii has lava creeps closer to a small town. the national guard getting ready to step in. plus a win for the nurse defying an ebola quarantine, the court ruling that has her ca calling this a good day.
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it continues to be a political hot potatpotato. a judge in maine saying the nurse who treated ebola patients does not have to stay inside her home for the length of her quarantine. she's allowed to take walks but
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she's still banned from public places. hickcock says she will follow the order but the governor of maine remains skeptical. >> she's violated every promise she's made so far, so i can't trust her. i don't trust her. and i don't trust that we know enough about this disease to be so callous. >> hickcock has no sirp toms of ebola since returning from west africa. national guard troops are heading for hawaii's big island. lava threatens to cut off a main road and access to a community. right now the lava is at a dead stop, it hasn't advanced for the last 24 hours, but it's now expangding sideways. scientists expect the flow to eventually pick up speed. okay, we will be back with jeff ranieri, as we talk about
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this beautiful shot looking from the east bay into san francisco. when will the rain return and still trick-or-treating. they spent decades giving back and now they're getting a big honor, we're going to introduce you to a very special family from the south bay.
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it's a big honor awarded only once a year. this year it's a family -- >> here's their story. >> the memories date back 42 years for this couple. vivid is their memory of the day the couple first set eyes on
6:44 pm
each other in guadalajara, mexico. >> he says they saw each other and he knew right away that she was for him. it was then, she says, that she felt cupid's arrow, the guzman's married and she brought to the marriage marriage -- knowing that wanted a better education for their children, the couple dropped everything and moved to california. >> they loved us enough that they would sacrifice all their time and their energy. >> she cleaned homes and he
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became a gardner. all the while, the couple rolled up their sleeves for others. she became president of her school's pta, the family volunteered all across san mateo county and the sacrificing paid off. >> this is not a job that you can do well if you do it from 8:00 to 4:00. >> my father, i looked to him and he's incredible. he's just such a strong man and he gave us everything to come to this country. >> lupe says her parents work ethic, helping disadvantaged kids from her community, challenging them to get ahead and giving them the tools to succeed, a work ethic she learned from mom and dad. >> when i was a child, my dad would come home smelling of sweat and dirt and soil and i would jump up into his lap and i
6:46 pm
enjoyed that smell so much, aknow it's weird, but it's the smell of hard work. >> maribel has a master's degree in special education, helping people in redwood city that might need edge tra attention inside and outside the class room. >> i have to help my community and give back just like they taught me to do. >> through his example of hard work, he didn't care, he went to work every day. >> everybody, let's read this number. >> humberto teaches fifth grade at --
6:47 pm
>> it's also where he fights to give his students the tools more aflu went schools might already have. >> if it's good enough to the best, it's good announce for the rest. we need to provide equal opportunities. >> he also teaches his students jew dits sue on the side. >> just submit them. >> you're puffer in life is to make a difference. >> in charge of vital employee matters? >> i did have to have co-sessions with coin sell. >> jackie is out volunteering with the latina coalition of
6:48 pm
silicon valley. a nonprofit that trained powerful latina leaders in the bay area. >> it's your obligation once you make it to bring other people with you. >> this family -- >> i love them, i love my family to death. >> a humble family that's been to the pinnacle of success and wants their community to make the trip as well. it's why the hispanic -- the family of the year. >> the family of the year will be honored tomorrow at the 25th annual hispanic foundation, that's going to be at the fair mochblt in san jose. >> let's bring in our man in the hour now that serves up our weather with the trick-or-treaters. >> sights are centered right on halloween. we do have that forecast coming
6:49 pm
up. we also got the calculator up there in the weather center. 245 days in san jose since we have seen .50 back on february 28th. we're not done yet, as we have been mentioning, throughout night for your little ones, your trick-or-treaters, you want to bring the jacket and also maybe the umbrella, temperatures dropping into the 50s foer for the most part by 8:00 until 11:00 tonight. the first is a risk of a slight chance of thunderstorms all the way through tomorrow morning. any thunderstorms you produce may produce some small hail. the second thing to be concerned about if you're headed to the sierra, a winter storm warning in effect through saturday at 2:00 p.m., up above 6,000 feet, we could see anywhere from three to seven inches of snowfall. so let's take you to the rain timeline, we'll get your saturday nailed down for you. you can see we have got to start
6:50 pm
off tonight, a chance of scattered showers lingering not only through this hour, but right through about 8:00 and also 11:00 this evening. but here's what's going to happen, as we head into the overnight hours, we're going to see some instability approach. and that's likely where we'll get the possibility of some thunderstorms. at 4:00, most of it is offshore, but as we head throughout 8:00, 9:00, also 10:00 tomorrow, it's not a whole lot, but the risk here of some isolated thunderstorms that may pop-up. we're going to see that through 1:00 tomorrow afternoon and then we'll have conditions drying out. as we head throughout our saturday forecast, what you're going to notice is everyone expecting cold temperatures, we're going to stay in the 60s for the most part here, from san jose right on across san francisco. best chance of those isolated thunderstorms would be the south bay and also the prince. we'll get some breaks from the season in san francisco, and then you'll see it for the north
6:51 pm
bay, east bay and also tri-vall tri-valley, a risk here for some thunderstorms and also some sun by the afternoon, with temperatures in the 60s, 65 in napa, 64 in oakland and mid 60s here across the tri-valley. we'll get you through the weekend, that chance of rain and thunderstorms, cold on saturday, but then by sunday's forecast, check it out, the sun comes back out in the south bay, 68 degrees, san francisco 65, tri-valley, out in the 70s, we're going to have a daytime high of 68. so we have got a little bit of weather to deal with tonight and tomorrow morning, then after that, we're back to our sunny skies, but over 200 days since this much rain in san jose, a lot of folks are just kind of looking up at the sky going -- >> it feels good. >> it was great to have that rain. the giants played pivotal roles to get to the world series and win the titleal. but no one quite compares to madison baumgardner, we go
6:52 pm
one-on-one with the world famous mvp n
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6:54 pm
so there i was on the iiv c center plaza. >> a big day, girard. >> it was a ton of fun. giants 2014 roller-coaster ride that culminated in a third championship in five years came to a very smooth stop.
6:55 pm
while the fans packed the streets along the parade route to see all of the players along with the pomp and circumstance. madison baumgardner received -- >> you've been through this before, but what does this time mean to you so accomplished and so seasoned? >> they're all so special and they all mean a lot in different ways. but this year, you know, i have to say it's up there, it's not my favorite, this has been an unbelievable year and as a team, we have had to work so hard to get to where we're at now, and we're just truly blessed and thankful for every chance we have got and ever opportunity. just to be here, we have an unbelievable team and to be here and play with these guys and the
6:56 pm
fanni fans are so awesome to play in front of. >> i asked him about the photograph that was on the front page of all the papers and online of him just leaning into you, hugging you, a buster hug, but a very different buster hug from 2012 and said he was done and he thought it was pretty appropriate to lean on you, that you're the guy that they have been leaning on. >> that's the biggest complement that you can have from your teammates, especially with him because he's the leader of this team and i'm just thankful to be a part of it. and the fact that he said that, that means the world to me. >> two pitches victories in the fall classic and five innings in shut youth relief in game seven, pretty remarkable stuff. there's also been celebrating to do over oakland. the wariers agreed on a four year, $70 million contract
6:57 pm
extension. they prehaven'ted the deadline by a few hours, pre -- the sharp shooter was taken 11th overall in the 2011 draft and averaged 18 points a game last season. >> doves of course, opening up the home schedule tomorrow night at oracle opening against the lakers. >> it never slows down around here, does it? >> it never does. >> nice work out there at the parade, girard, appreciate it. >> trick-or-treating time. you've got our trick-or-treating forecast. >> heading out right now, it looks like the worst unfortunately is across san jose, also through melpedes, it's dry for the peninsula and most of the east bay, but i would say tonight, be prepared for some that chance of rain, and it's going to be cold out there, so if you bring the umbrella, you'll be ready to go. >> you can even hide the umbrella in the candy bag. >> have a great evening, we'll
6:58 pm
see you at 11:00.
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cops called to kate hudson's halloween party. chris martin flirting with the star's half-naked daughter. >> from the chaos to the incredible costumes, now on "extra." ellen as the clooneys, strahan as oprah. we're coast to coast with morning mayhem. the morning shows' most extreme costume showdown ever. >> i always love talking to a.j. and why madonna needed three people to squeeze into her get up. how amanda bynes just got herself sprung from the psych ward. and honey boo boo on go-go juice overload. mario has melanie griffith's first words since her split from antonio banderas.


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